Adba game pitbull kennels

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Adba game pitbull kennels

We breed for the qualities of intelligence, solid nerves, muscular physique, and athleticism. Our breeding program is intended to preserve and improve one of the finest breeds of dogs ever created. We usually just produce a couple of litters per year. Our dogs will excel at working activities such as weight pull, and hog catch, or will simply make for an excellent family companion dog.

We do not breed for the show ring but we do like our breeding stock to be as close to conformation standards as possible. Shipping is available throughout the USA and parts of Canada.

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Northland Pits has absolutely nothing to do with dog fighting or the mistreatment of animals. In the spring of a newly appointed local humane officer had it in her mind that she would cause grief and try to shut down any one breeding dogs in her jurisdiction.

Since I breed pit bulls she decided she would accuse me of fighting them and made up lies for a search warrant.

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She seized all dogs including puppies and pregnant females. The detective working along side of her was just as a bad. By law she was required to serve me the procedure paperwork needed to get my dogs back, she never did. I did some research and found out I needed to file a petition to get them back. She was hoping I wouldn't file the necessary petition to get the dogs back. If I had not filed the petition within seven days of the seizure the dogs would have been hers to do as she pleased with.

To court we went. It didn't take long to determine that I have nothing to do with dog fighting. They tried to cover themselves by charging me with mistreatment of animals.

Since I also have nothing to do with mistreatment of animals the charges where dropped and my dogs were ordered returned. The humane officer which is appointed by the county was fired.

We strive to produce top notch dogs and run a legitimate high quality facility. Along with our quality pit bulls we raise quality Bull Terriers.It is a proven fact that man since early times was beside the canine. It was not long since those times that human beings began to document their existence. The dog was already represented in their designs and paintings and in their inscriptions, showing dogs that were hunting in the wild together with them.

Archaeologists and scientists are correct to concur that the canine was the first animal to be domesticated by man. They were famous for their sturdy build and strong lock jaw, but they were especially noted and commended for dog fighting, true gladiators without fear. During sixth century BC the molossus arrived in Europe due to the merchant trading of the Fenici people and spread rapidly, they were used in roman amphitheatres fights against tigers and lions and they showed themselves efficient even in war.

The Romans exported the molossus to conquered territory and when they reached England they crossed the roman molossus with dogs of the isle giving birth to an even stronger dog. These dogs were selected to create a dog that would always be strong but also light, fast, agile and more resistant. The Pitbull was used in arenas for fighting large rats known as Rat Killing, where the dog killed the most number of rats in less time possible.

It was also used in other fights against bulls, known as Bull Baiting, then in fights with other dogs known as Dog Fighting. This phenomenon was banned inwhen the State of New York prohibited various types of fighting among animals.

The campaign against cruelty in animal fighting was put forward even by the president of the United States and Nobel peace prize winner, Theodore Roosevelt that he himself owned a Pitbull.

adba game pitbull kennels

To have an idea of how the canine breed function, they come classified in 5 groups: watch dog, the defender, the worker, the hunter, the player.? All these functions merge under one single dog: the American Pitbull Terrier, already used for some time in America by the police in anti drug and anti explosive units; as well as in therapy used for Handicapped people known as dog therapy.

Unfortunately there are many negative beliefs of this breed, but I can sincerely reassure that a more false assumption could not be made; the pure blooded American Pitbull Terrier is a powerful animal, intelligent and extremely faithful. If today the American Pitbull Terrier is healthy, robust, powerful, fast, agile, courageous and an intelligent dog, it was made possible thanks to the genetic patrimony passed down by old breeders that selected a base criteria both physical and mental, that the new breeder today must be careful not to ruin this splendid breed and conserve the most extraordinary animal man has ever created.

Colby, now under the administration of the Greenwood family. Self confident, famous for its powerful body, agile, fast and enduring, it moves with the light agility of an athlete. In side profile it must be square, thus the length of the shoulder to the hip must be the same as the distance of the shoulder to the floor; a dog that is structured in this way will be taller and slender with an incredible leverage system. When comparing dogs with more or less the same weight, it is the taller more slender ones that function best.

The features must be balanced within every aspect, too much of one thing can distract from another; a winning look is an object of beauty. The head must not be too big; it would simply a useless amount of extra weight. In an exemplary well proportioned Pitbull the head seen from above must be a form of a wedge and round if looked at from the front.

The dimension of the head must be even and two thirds the width of the shoulder span.

adba game pitbull kennels

If the head is seen from the back it must be the same distance from between the extremity of the head to the stop and between the stop and the point of the nose. The eyes must be elliptical if seen from the front and triangular if seen from the side, small and deep set.We utilize mainly Eli and Eli crosses bred down from Eppinette's Mr.

Floyd Boudreaux Rajun Cajun.

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I am a hobby breeder, this is not my job. Buy your blood, Breed your dogs. The purpose of the information on this site is for entertainment purposes only.

adba game pitbull kennels

If you do not agree with the content of this site you should exit immediately. We do not condone any acts of animal cruelty or other illegal activities. This site does not, nor does it intend to violate the Animal Welfare Act of If you agree to enter this site, please be aware that our content is protected by the Internet Privacy of Information Act no.

All dogs in our kennel are used in legal activities including but not limited to conformation, weight pull, obedience, treadmill racing, and other non illegal activities.

We do not own any dog that were knowingly used in any illegal activities before or after they were in our possession. We do not condone the use of any dogs in any illegal activities whatsoever.

The Federal Animal Welfare Act prohibits the interstate transport of dogs for fighting purposes. Therefore, participating in dog fighting on any level can lead to imprisonment. We are not interested in going to prison at any point in time. Therefore, if you are involved in any illegal activities, including dog fighting, please do not contact our kennel for any reason. If you do contact our kennel despite this message, we will reply with a copy of this message to serve as a reminder.

Please remember, anything posted on this website should be view strictly for entertainment or historical purposes ONLY. Thank you! All rights reserved. Web Hosting by Yahoo!If you've been searching for a pit bull puppy on the internet or googling puppies for sale and having no luck finding what your looking for, then you're in luck. Manmade Kennels has been producing the best pitbull puppies in the world since We breed pitbull puppies with highly sought after unique traits, our puppy pitbulls come in all colors, but that is not our focus.

Our pit bull puppies are trained and breed with extra care to make them strong, athletic and extremely loving pit puppies. Our puppy pitbulls are nothing short of greatness. Manmade Kennels is not regular pitbull breeders, we have an advanced level program that ensures our puppys, breedings and pitbull programs create pitbulls that every pitbull dog owner will remember. Anyone who visits us loves how pitbull puppies at Manmade Kennels are healthy, big and extremely loving to be with.

Our pitbulls are family dogs; nurtured in a way that whoever has them starts to feel like they always had them as a member of the family.

Twelve years of working on producing the best pitbull family dogs, Manmade Kennels is a home to literally the best xl pitbull puppies and the best ManMade Family The lovely owners. We have a private community of members from around the world. Anybody who owns a pitbull puppy breed by one of the ManMade family members, is a member to our lovely family. This is where members share their stories and special moments of their companionship with our healthy pitbulls.

We share tips and tricks LIKE potty training, feeding programs for puppies, and how to raise your puppy the right way. There is nothing like the bond between a pitbull and their owner. They come from two of the best pitbull bloodlines in the world. Breeding selective breeding; the best pitbull puppies in the world is our breeder goals at ManMade Kennels. ManMade Kennels has been breeding the highest quality Pitbull puppies in the world for a long time.

Our puppy pitbulls for sale, have completed families for over 14 year. Our family pitbulls, come in all colors. This breeding will produce lilac pitbull puppies or champagne pitbull puppies. The pitbull for sale come with the best pit bull puppies for sale pedigrees. Buyers call them blue pitbulls or red pitbulls, we can them family pitbulls. The best family pitbull puppies for sale in the world.

Call MMK's Eddie for pricing information. This litter is probably the best litter of so far. Our pitbull puppies come with incredible temperamentamazing sizeand beautiful colors. All backed by the highest quality pedigrees you can ask for in a true XXL pitbull puppy.

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ManMade Kennels is committed to being highest quality Pitbull Breeders in the world. With every breeding we strive to breed Pit bull puppies that owners and families can create bonds with. Atlas is amazing.


When you put these to bloodlines together, you get nothing short of greatness. These two have a pedigree most breeders strive to work towards achieving. Our team has been Breeding Pitbull puppies for a long time. We own lb for lb, the largest blue nose pit bulls in the world. Nick and Jessie are the newest members of the ManMade Team and have been added to the pack because they committed to producing the highest quality Pit bull Puppies and being some of the best Pitbull Breeders in the world.

Our dogs are UKC Registered American Pit bull Terriers and with each breeding we strive to breed Pit bull puppies that owners and families can create bonds with. Pitbulls made for families. As you know, Shadow of ManMade Kennels has been producing the largest blue nose pitbull puppies for years.Guaranteed and fast delivery. Best prices for excellent quality! Personal approach! Track your order status online!

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When all other friends desert, he remains. Vest- Speech in the U. Senate, If a breeder doesn't work their dogs along side its peers, how can they really know if their dogs are competitive amongst greats? We have years of experience in testing, training, and competing with versatile and extremely driven APBT's in many different arenas. The time we have put in with our dogs has given us the advantage of knowing what constitutes a solid and sound working American Pit Bull Terrier.

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RDC dogs are honorably putting in real work, in real scenarios, all across the country and abroad. They continue to set the bar higher and higher through all of their hard work and dedication. A special thank you to the amazing owners out there competing with their dogs This is what it is all about for us. We are excited to see so many new clubs and events opening up for our breed, the opportunities are endless. DJ's Art.

RDC News. Tango and Bronx Macho Boto x Naza littermate brothers. Collage from the weekend wins! Ashlyn did incredible in Junior Handlers!If you ask any of questions from the above list, I'll hang up on you.

Comments: a daughter of Machobear bred to a son of Haunch. Mayday and Machobuck together propagating the synergistic genetics of the Buck and Mayday line.


Machobuck and Mayday fans, here is your breeding. Miss Machajack was bred to Machokane last time. This one should produce some special specimens. Brindledayalong with his brothers Mayday Prime and Tornado are the best examples of Mayday dogs today.

They are Half Hollingsworth and half Redboy-Jocko, just as Mayday was and off one of his most sought after sons The bottom is no different. Back to the future! Using frozen semen from ! We have bred Tazzy to Mechanic!

Stems for mixing

Straight Jeep Honebunch to a daughter of Tazmanian Red. It's a collectors edition breeding. No timewasters please. Due October 10, We feel that Taz, his littermate brother and Garner's Redboy are the best Redboy dogs in the country. We have bred him to a heavy Machobuck-Boyles bred bitch which lowers the inbreeding coefficient and will give us a healthy product that brings out the best of all the combined bloodlines.

The bottom is Machobuck bred into the best Mayday dogs to look through a collar. LukaneHaunchBarracudaand the original Macho all underneath Machobuck. Sugarbear II was not cooperating so an AI was done at the best reproductive clinic in the world.

Back to Homepage. Click on Picture for Pedigree. Comments: Mr. Brindleday x Miss Machajack.

Comments: Mayday fans, here is your breeding. Brindleday x Yellowjacket. Mechanic x Tazzy. Comments: Everyone keeps on asking for Taz pups and here they are.

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Taz Tramp Redboy x Survivor. Comments: A daughter of Machobuck to a son of Haunch representing the best of Mayday over and over again.

Origin & Standard ADBA

BarracudaLukane and Haunch with a triple dose of Hollingsworth Bull and a double dose of Crash showcasing the Mayday side of the equation. These dogs should be spectacular. Mayday Prime x Machakane. Comments: Victor of Southern Kennels said that Sassy was one of the best bitches he ever saw. Her littermates were also stellar.

Victor proclaimed that Sassy was a mirror image of Dragonladyand that any dogman would be proud to base their whole yard off that bitch. I never heard Southern Kennels talk about any other female this way. This breeding will replicate that cross 24 years later.

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