Bmw explorer diagspeed

for support. pity, that now can..

Bmw explorer diagspeed

211 Diagspeed PRO All Lost Keys ODB 15 Minutes start to finish

Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 61 Vote s - 2. Reputation: 7, Hi folks, Hope my thread finds you well.

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Please drop here your feedback and opinion as well. Best regards. Reputation: 1, Did anyone already bought that and can write a review? Reputation: Also when you need to adapt used elv after renewed it you also need to renew the ezs!!!! Also hardware quality is not what i was expect from x-horse that is a good company. But if all will be fixed and all fonctions will work for sure it will be the best and most powerfull tool for Mercedes keys.

Please press thank button and add reputation if I helped!! This and the BGA calculations make me think it is a clone of Diagspeed tool.

What ever it is, clone or new, Just we care about price and how powerful it is I need to hear more but from the few posts, it shows better to wait for new updates which must recover some bugs and activate the rest options that are not functional yet.

Reputation: 4. I still wait for mbe update if it worth me update my tools or buy this This and the BGA crsealculations make me think it is a clone of Diagspeed tool. It's not a clone from Diagspeed ,x-horse engineers developed their own algorithm also they have special dedicated server for BGA calculation and FSB3 pass calculation.

Other tool need more than 2 calculations. And vvdi server is the fatest at the moment much fster than others ,but will wait to se noimmo. I respect x-horse because they are not like FLY that clone and do not develop nothing. I have both vvdi and avdi. AVDI fuck the cas when downgrading.

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I also have noimmo and will wait for their new update hope next week ,we will need also of magic eraser to renew all modules ecu. Best regards! Vediamo 4.The adrenaline coursing through your veins while the motorcycle beneath you races over the black asphalt. You both thirst for speed and grip. You provoke the ideal line and the limit range.

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bmw explorer diagspeed

Simply climb on board and become immersed in the street lights; leave all the traffic and stress behind and only stop and go as you please.To find a BMW Center, try a new search or visit one of the locations by expanding the list results below. Popular Searches:. Choose your local BMW Center.

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BMW-Explorer V Now programming takes only 1. F-R- series. Add module write Calibrations F and G series. Each launch of the software if there is no active Internet connection reduces the counter by 1 unit, If there is an Internet connection,software does not reduce the counter. If the counter is decreased with an active Internet connection, the program will automatically renew its counter. Also you can renew it through the license manager in offline mode. If there is a need to work without an Internet connection, simply extend the license and you will have 20 offline tokens.

ECU-Explorer V Key programming for Rolls-Royce cars is possible now!! Fog,head,xenon lamp control voltage etc. Improved clear DTC function during quick test and many other improvements. Extra programmer for dump reading is necessary. Improved key programming functionality for CAS4 F-series. All versions supported from now.

More DTC explanations added for F-series models. CAS4 N55 engine key programming video manual added.Realtime Posts Downloads Chatbox.

bmw explorer diagspeed

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Page 53 of 68 First Last Jump to page: Results to of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Downloads 0 Uploads 0. Does anyone know if you use the renew function on a Mercedes E Immo box if it just renews the key data or does it make the box virgin?

Thanks in advance Downloads 18 Uploads 0. Originally Posted by ps80l. I don't think you read my prior post where I mention I verified fuse location via diagspeed reference I also looked at fuse diagram. I can't look at the abrites fuse guide as it doesn't exist. Are you sure it's W and not W?? Downloads 1 Uploads 0. My friend did the same year and model w and had to connect to fuse 57 with his diagspeed. He got password in about 50 minutes.

Downloads 5 Uploads 0. Mercedes C All keys lost. Use the jumction box connected to the fuse box. Was reading extremely slow. After 1. After that cluster went black and abrites stop scanning.

Had to remove EIS and eeprom it.For those who are interesting in the Immobilizer side of BMW's or Mercedes, or want to learn how to program used modules to these cars, we have the industries best hands on training available. With our 3 day training we break down the door that many techs and dealers have, that a used module is unable to be re-purposed to another car. This is flat out wrong with today's resources.

We teach you how to make money with this "Its' Impossible" process. Give your customers another option to use a good donor module for a fraction of the price. Mercedes keys, Electronic steering lock repair or replacement with Emulators. Resetting Drive-train related modules and reprogramming them back to another car.

Help keep those jobs in your bays and make good money doing it. While I have never been to one of Dustie's classes, I can attest to his knowledge and tech support for his products. The tech support is second to none.

bmw explorer diagspeed

If the class is half as good as his product and knowledge, it will be worth it. I just wish I was closer. We have dates in OctoberNovember and an Advanced class in December. It seems like a very interesting class, I might consider attending. I have emailed you and am waiting for some answers from you.

Best of luck to you and your team. Hi bud, yes its something that I have spent a lot of time putting together. Its something that is lacking in all the training I have attended. Granted some training is better than no training, but its time we step up our game as an industry.

We are moving away from…. Man I really wish I lived closer. Wish u guys made a video that can be paid for or have this training around the new jersey area.

Forgive my ignorance,Ive never heard of you guys. But the video looks good and other members seem to have a good impression of you all. I'll talk to the boss man and see if I cant make it down in November. Since then I now know how much information is not shared with us technicians independent or dealer trained.

Consider me there! I have sent you an email. Especially mechatronics Easy peezy once you know what your looking at. Info Topics User Groups. Real Hands on with Soldering, Eeprom and Programming using various tools. For more info, email me … or visit our website to read more details on dates and class Syllabus.

Chris Diagnostician. Bryans Road, Maryland. Chris Default. Alvaro Service Manager.

All Models.

Oranjestad, Aruba. Alvaro Default. Great that this kind of training is Available.Mercedes Tools. BMW Tools. Other Programming Tools. Mercedes Keys. Audi VW and Porsche Keys.

LandRover Jaguar Keys. BMW Explorer Videos. Diagspeed Videos. Quick Tips about Mercedes Immobilizer Systems. You can now activate the ignition on with the push of 1 button.

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Keys locked in the tru This a great tool to diagnose if your EIS has power or any response. Add this tool to your With this set, you can plug into the car and activate circuit 15 Key on signal and Do you need a good bench tester kit to help check your work? Do you do mail order repair or keys?

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Then this is a must have kit. It is the most co Do want to hear about the latest new's on upcoming updates and specials? Subscribe to receive emails. Empire Theme by Pixel Union.

Powered by Shopify. New Update!!!! View cart. Call us or Text Us Your Questions Chat With Us We offer hour chat support. Why Choose Diagspeed? Watch The Video to Find Out. The First and Last Mercedes key tool you will ever need.

Need Keys? Repair kits and IC Chips.

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Need that One special tool? We know exactly what you need. Click here to find it. Featured collection. View full details. Quick look. Add to cart. View all Additional Tools and Kits. Whats New?

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