Econ 102 study guide

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Econ 102 study guide

Continually large sales of bonds by the government to the general public to finance budget deficits. A rise in the price level reduces the real purchasing power of nominally denominated assets so households reduce consumption and aggregate demand.

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That the monetary authorities use increases and decreases in the money supply to avoid unemployment and inflation. That the government use increases and decreases in tax rates to keep the economy at full employment without inflation. That the monetary authorities keep a constant rate of growth of the money supply at the rate of the long run rate of growth of real GDP.

Try to anticipate fluctuations in real GDP, given current events, and increase or decrease the money supply to prevent recessions or inflation from actually occurring. Decrease the money supply and or decrease government spending if the inflation rate rises above 10 percent. In the end, policy makers are just as likely to nudge the economy in the wrong direction as in the correct direction.

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Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Which of the following happens automatically if the economy starts to fall into a recession. If the federal budget is in deficit even if the economy is at full employment, the deficit is said to be. Which of the following is the least likely to influence consumption expenditure? The most likely cause of a persistently high rate of inflation in a country year after year would be. Which of the following would shift the aggregate demand curve to the right.

Which of the following would shift the short-run aggregate supply curve to the left or upward. The influence of the "wealth effect" on aggregate demand is that. When the price level rises, interest rates rise leading to greater consumptino.

The monetarist school of thought in macroeconomics would be most likely to recommend. That money supply growth be controlled by the president rather than the federal reserve.

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In the Keynesian model recessions can last for a long time primarily because. Consumption does not increase by the full amount of an increase in income.Submit Site Search Search.

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Copy the online lecture slides into your coursepack before lecture. Attend lecture. Take notes in lecture as if there were no PowerPoint. Rewrite these notes and redraw any graphs after lecture. Focus on the concepts and how to represent them in a graph or with equations.

Make notecards if it helps. Do the homework soon after lecture, without first referring to the solutions. Go to office hours immediately if you need help. Take one practice test and work it after lectures.

ECON 102 Final Exam Live Stream

Take the remaining practice tests timed after you've prepared for the exams. Pay attention to current events and try to frame them according to what you've learned in class. If you're not performing up to your expectations, work with your GSI and prof to improve the way you study economics and take exams and quizzes. Enjoy the class. And pretend you enjoy it even if you don't. Econ Study Tips from Adam Stevenson "Skim ahead" - before class, look at the textbook or, if the lecture is off book, look at the lecture notes and get the main ideas.

What are the topics, what are the issues, and what are the main questions? What will the graphs look like, what will the equations look like?Only pages are available for preview.

Some parts have been intentionally blurred. Header search input. Study Resources. Homework Help.

ECON 102 Study Guide - Summer 2019, Comprehensive Final Exam Notes - Canada, Interaction, Inflation

Log In. Sign Up. Study GuidesUSPSU 3, ECON All Study Guide. This preview shows pages Sign up to view the full 17 pages of the document. LionTut ors. Solution s ". C"—" The"study"of"how"peopl e"make"choices. D"—" Everyone"faces"s carcity"bec ause"wants"are"consi dered"to"be" unlimited.

D" —" We"wa nt" our "e cono mic "mod eli ng" to "be " based"on"ve rifiabl e"assumptions, "not"opi nionated". B" —" General" price" level s " is"a"macroe conom ic"facto r. D"—" How"busine sses" react" to"pr ice"c ontrol s. B" —" This"is"an" assumption " of"bounded"r ationalit y"which"i s"diffe rent"than" a"rule" of"rati onal".

UIUC - ECON 102 - Econ 102 Exam 1 Studyguide - Study Guide

B" —" Remember"that"economist s"say"we" cannot"defi ne"what"is "considered" a"need"ver sus"a"want. D" —" Economists"test"t heir"models"by" examining"what"has"al ready"happened.

D"—" Nothing" cha nges"ot her"than" the"factor "or"fac tors"bei ng"studied.

econ 102 study guide

B" —" The"extra"cost" associated"wit h"an"extra"uni t"of"acti vity"because " ma rgi nal "mea ns"e xtr a"o r". B"—" Price"because"i t"is" a"factor"i ncluded"in"the" supply"and"demand"model. D"—" Scarcity"exis ts"bec ause"society "cannot"fulfi ll"all" human"wants. D" —" Goods"that "indi vidual s"can" use"to "recei ve"sa tisf action. A" —" Humans"have "unli mited"wan ts.Please join StudyMode to read the full document.

I disagree with the statement. In this way it will be minimising its losses. However, at the end of the short run, i. TR will differ from TC when economic profits or losses occur.

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Monopoly: 1. The resort can charge higher prices than those at the nearby village hotels because guests can purchase the drinks more easily and conveniently rather than take the time to travel to the village. Barriers to entry derive from the ownership of assets, legal barriers and economies of scale. For legal barriers, a good example would be Astro in Malaysia.

Government put barriers for A minimum wage policy induces an: Select one: a. Correct c. What is the new equilibrium quantity of X? Answer Feedback The correct answer is: When the market price is held above the competitive price level, it is possible for the loss in consumer surplus to be fully captured by producers.

When the market price is held above the competitive level, there is no deadweight loss because producer gains exactly equal consumer losses.

Select one: a. I and II are true. Incorrect b. I is true and II is false. I and II are false. II is true and I is false. Use the following statements to answer this question: I. For downward sloping demand and upward sloping supply curves, the government expenditure used to pay for a subsidy program exceeds the sum of the changes in producer and consumer surplus.


To model the price-quantity impacts of a subsidy, we can shift the demand curve upward by the amount of the per-unit subsidy payment.I don't want to reset my password. Command Economy Positive v. Normative Analysis Four starting points of economics. These are the last notes that cover the material up to the first exam. Supply and Demand part 2. These notes cover part one of the Comparative Statics lecture. Part two is next week. Comparative statistics Elasticity Shifts of Demand curve Shifts of supply curve.

This covers all the material since the first midterm. Comparative Statics and Price Controls. This study guide covers lesson 6, 7, and 8.

Trade, Competition, and Transaction Costs. These notes cover the last part of Competition and the first part of Transaction costs. Lesson 7 and 8. These notes cover the last part of the Transaction Costs lecture and the first part of the Income lecture. These notes cover the last part of the Income lecture and all of the Public Choice lecture.

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Some parts have been intentionally blurred. Header search input. Study Resources. Homework Help. Log In. Sign Up. Study GuidesCAUBC Okanagan ECON ECON 3. Karl Pinno 3. Study Guide. This preview shows pages Sign up to view the full 26 pages of the document. Unlock Document. Chapter 1. Economy- An individual who manages the household.

Scarcity- Limited natural resources in a society. Economics- Study how a society manages the scarce resources. Studies anyone who makes. Efficiency- Property of society getting the maximum benefits from scarce resources.

Equity- Property of distributing economic prosperity fairly among the members of the society.

econ 102 study guide

High level of inequality in the world right now because the economy is less diverse. Opportunity cost- What must be given up to obtain an item.

econ 102 study guide

Rational people- Individuals that do their best to achieve their objects people that do things. Marginal people- Small incremental adjustments to a plan of action. Incentive- Something that induces a person to act a certain way. Ways to cr eate a response to. Sunk cost- Money lost that you will not be able to make back. Property rights- Ability to own and exercise control over scarce resources. Something that you. Pizza being stolen. Market economy- Economy that allocates resources through the decentralized decisions of.Sign in.

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econ 102 study guide

Play button. Card Range To Study through. The limited nature of society's resources. The study of how people allocate their limited resources to satisfy their nearly unlimited wants; they study of how people make decisions.

Rationality Assumption. People do not intentionally make decisions that would leave them worse off. The pursuit of one's goals, does not always mean increasing one's wealth; ex: prestige, friendship, love. Something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity. Positive Incentives. Things that make you feel good; rewards. Negative Incentives. Direct Incentives. Indirect Incentives. Secondary changes in behavior; not intended; got something you didn't want; can be good or bad changes.

Unintended Consequences. An unplanned result, usually negative and unwanted, of an incentive; remember: Office video. The study of decision making undertaken by individuals, or households, and firms; focuses on the individual parts of the economy.

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